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Congratulations to Dr. Hiba Al Zoubi

We are very proud of our scholar Dr. Hiba Wazeer Al Zoubi for her publication. Dr. Hiba Al Zoubi is one of our scholars who is currently doing her fellowship in Neuropathology at University of Sapienza of Rome in Italy.

She has just published a very good article titled:

Minasi S, Gianno F, Alzoubi H, Antonelli M, Giangaspero F, Buttarelli FR. Mechanisms of telomere maintenance in pediatric brain tumors: Promising targets for therapy – A narrative review. Glioma 2020;3:105-18.

Link for the full article:;year=2020;volume=3;issue=3;spage=105;epage=118;aulast=Minasi

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