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New Achievement (Dr. Omar Alghazo)

Dr. Omar Alghazo is a scholar from the Faculty of Medicine at YU, and he is completing his fellowship in Uro-oncology & Robotic Surgery at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. His record of publications makes us very proud of having him as a a mentor and colleague at our faculty of medicine.

Here are some of his recent achievements:

1. The applications of Theranostics in the different stages of Prostate Cancer

Omar Alghazo1,2, Renu Eapen1,2,5, Samantha Koschel1, Marcus Cumberbatch1, Nathan Lawrentschuk1,2,3,4, Declan Murphy1,2,5

Future Oncology (accepted not published yet).

2. Clinical Trial Protocol for LuTectomy: Single-Arm Study of Dosimetry, Safety and Potential Benefit of 177Lu-PSMA-617 Prior to Prostatectomy

Nattakorn Dhiantravana, b, c, John Violetb, d, Renu Eapenb, c, e, Omar Alghazob, e, Mark Scalzoa, b, Simon P. Keamf, g, Catherine Mitchellh, Paul J. Neesonc, f, g, Shahneen Sandhub, c, i,

European Urology Focus (accepted not published yet).

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